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Host Epigenetic Markers Predict HIV Persistence

Updated: May 26, 2022

In recent study published in AIDS, Dr. Corley and team revealed key host #CD4+ T cell #epigenetic markers that are predictive of #HIV #persistence (HIV reservoir size, responsive to #latency reversal, and #viral rebound).

Utilizing a #retrospective #longitudinal epigenetic profiling study from 13 people with HIV (#PWH) on virologically suppressed #antiretroviral #therapy (ART) that participated in a latency-reversal agent (LRA) (#HDAC-inhibitor) clinical trial (NCT01680094) and a subsequent optional analytical treatment interruption (ATI) to monitor for viral recrudescence after ART cessation. To determine #genome-wide DNA #methylation (DNAm), purified CD4+ T cells were analyzed at a single-nucleotide resolution with the Infinium #MethylationEPIC array.

Dr. Corley found 15 candidate DNAm sites at baseline (pre-LRA and pre-ATI) to significantly correlate with time to viral rebound. Of interest, 8 of these DNAm sites were genes known to link to HIV-1 replication dynamics: SEPSECS, MALTI, CPTIC, CRTAM, B4GALNT4, IL10, TFP12, and LIFR.

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