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Caspase inhibitor impact on acute and long-haul COVID-19 disease

We are excited to share our recent #COVID-19 paper in the journal #Allergy assessing transcriptional states of multiple #caspases and the expression of active caspase-1 in blood cells from COVID-19 patients in acute and convalescent stages of disease. Elevated caspase-3/ 7 levels in red blood cells is observed in COVID-19 patients compared to controls. Post-COVID-19 patients with lingering symptoms show up-regulated caspase-1 activity in CD4+ T-cells that is attenuated ex vivo with a select pan-caspase inhibitor. An exuberant caspase response in COVID-19 that may facilitate immune-related pathological processes leading to severe outcomes. Our research findings support the potential use of caspase inhibitors as a treatment option for acute and long-haul COVID-19 disease.

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